Vit C Necklace

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SODA POP collection 

Necklace - Sterling silver and aluminum soda can
Maximum length : 42 cm adjustable

Please note that the piece of jewellery displayed on the illustration is for reference only.
As all graphic cuts are unique, the VITAMIN C necklace displayed on the illustration will be different from the one that you will receive. The graphic elements of the SODA POP collection, selected specifically when the cans are cut, are never identical: this is what gives value to your piece of jewellery and makes it unique.

This SODA POP necklace is made of aluminum cones. Their colors were carefully chosen to create a set in harmony with the patterns. However, if we take a closer look at the entire piece, they are not arranged symmetrically. This is Morgane & TheQueen's commitment to offer you sparkling, unique and vibrant jewellery. 

This necklace can either be worn bunched together forming a pompom or taking the circular shape of the cord.

This piece will be couriered with DHL, the cost will be the same for one or multiple items purchased. 

Please note that your order will be dispatched  within  ten days of placing it, often sooner depending on wether we have it in stock or not but we will communicate with you once the order is placed.

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