Unisex -Pyramid long Chocker

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This exquisite designer ostrich eggshell necklace is a unisex piece, that is made through layering several pieces of eggshell and black filler which gives this design a sculptural and striking look, it also shows off the natural beauty of the eggshell.

This design is approximately 3cm x 1cm, please note that this design does vary slightly in size as the technique doesn't allow for a template, therefore each piece is entirely unique. The rubber cord is 40cm long with an additional 6.5cm extension chain.

This piece will be couriered with DHL, the cost will be the same for one or multiple items purchased. 

Please note that your order will be dispatched  within  ten days of placing it, often sooner depending on wether we have it in stock or not but we will communicate with you once the order is placed.

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