At Mambu Design, we would like to think that within our diverse ranges we have something for you. We have the Classical range, with some very elegantly simple designs, out of the natural eggshell. The Calyx range which is delicately hand painted and has some especially flamboyant pieces. The Deco range with its clean contemporary lines and the adjustable collection is very appealing in it’s simplicity and versatility. Most of the necklaces are chockers which have an extension chain and tend to fit everyone.We also have as it’s name suggests the adjustable range, these designs have a slide on the back which gives the designs great flexibility in that they can be worn either short as a chocker or long, these are also reversible on the reverse side they show the natural eggshell which is also very appealing. Within the Classical and Calyx ranges you also have the choice of long or short.

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