Green Abstract Geo's

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These beautiful earrings are 8cm long and made from porcelain, although some what delicate they are remarkably strong. I have a few pairs myself and they have weathered extremely well, just be careful not to drop them on a concrete floor.

The beauty of these earrings is that although they are bold statement pieces they are extremely light, weighing less than a gram!

The Earrings hooks are handmade in brass which gives these earrings a lovely individual touch, we have had no come backs with regards to allergies.

Dimensions may vary slightly due to them being handmade.

This piece will be couriered with DHL, the cost will be the same for one or multiple items purchased. 

Please note that your order will be dispatched  within  ten days of placing it, often sooner depending on wether we have it in stock or not but we will communicate with you once the order is placed.

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