Carefully Considered

Carefully Considered

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a few of our suppliers and bring you their beautiful work. We feel their products compliment our ranges beautifully and we share similar values.

These ranges have been carefully selected as they share the "wow factor" and are in keeping with a very high standard.

Recycled Tin Earrings

This brand’s designs are meticulously created and crafted with precious metals as well as with tin and other materials to give them a hint of poetry.

Each piece is handcrafted with great care by Morgane, a creative jewellery designer who is passionate about the process of transforming raw materials into jewellery.

Porcelain Earrings

"Unlike traditional trending porcelain jewellery, we are in love with a matt finish, almost suede like. We also use a technique called Sgraffito. It is a way of carving the designs onto the bone dry pieces. This is a delicate and timely process done with much gentleness and care."

"We are also very passionate about job creation, helping disadvantaged woman from all walks of life to earn an income by putting their creativity to work.

Each and every earring has been made and painted by hand and no two are ever alike. They are edgy classy and dainty with an eclectic feel. We hope you love them as much as we do!"

Coming Soon - Exquisitely crafted Nguni Horn Jewellery

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